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brian ebersole

“Cam Rowe has been a great influence on my grappling game.

Upon first meeting him, he was an open book, offering technical advice and strategic insight based on my strengths. This kindness and his expertise led me to enlist his help when I signed with the UFC. He has been a great asset in many of my UFC training camps, and I will continue to seek his influence each and every time I return to Victoria”

– Brian Ebersole | UFC Fighter

Rise is a great club with great people, so much so my kids now train here too and they love it.

If your looking for club where the coach is active, has a wealth of experience and knows how to communicate and teach this to people of all ages, types and skill levels then you've found the right place.

I came to Rise after an extended break from BJJ due to life and Family commitments. Having trained for a number of years at other clubs and with other coaches I knew what I was looking for in a club and had checked out a few other gyms near where I lived but wasn't happy with what they had to offer. On my first visit to Rise I was impressed and within 60 seconds of watching Cam teach I knew that this was the place for me.

If you're considering doing BJJ you owe it to yourself to come down and check it out, you will not be disappointed.

– Gab Salaris

I’ve been training at Rise since 2017 and the positive changes in my physical and mental health have been dramatic.

I have never been fitter, more confident and happier with myself. The challenges I face in class and competition give me the skills and anti-fragility to take on whatever life throws at me and the friends I’ve made at Rise I would now count as some of my best.

Cam Rowe is a man who leads by example, never letting you settle for anything less than you best yet being able to sense the unique ways to motivate each and everyone one of his committed students. I always feel that Cam and Rise have my back and that feeling of connection and community adds a dimension to my life which brings me so much happiness and joy. I couldn’t joining up at Rise more, it has changed my life.

– Taylor Douglas

I was fed up with joining gyms and never attending. I wanted an activity that would increase my fitness and help me to feel better about myself and haven’t looked back.

I discovered Muay Thai at Rise MMA 18 months ago and have been attending training sessions regularly ever since and my enthusiasm hasn’t wavered at all. The commitment from the coaches is always 100% which makes me want to give my 100% each and every day. The Saturday morning Women’s Only Class is an enjoyable, testing and inspirational experience. The week night mixed classes is evidence that everyone who walks into Rise is immediately welcomed and accepted for who they are and encouraged to simply be their best and try their hardest, not only by the coaches but by everyone on the mats.

I have lost weight and gained strength and confidence. We are all constantly learning new skills and techniques which we all continue to improve upon with thanks to the unfailing guidance of the dedicated coaches, Charlie, Michael and Sarah.

– Wendy Curran

After 12 months of waking up sore after a round of CrossFit, I realised that my body could no longer cope with the physicality of those types of works outs, so I thought what now?

After looking around I found Rise MMA, Muay Thai looked appealing and thought why not!! Immediately when I joined Rise, I was made to feel so welcomed not only by the trainers but also the members.

I have been training Muay Thai now for 2 years and have managed to complete 2 grading’s, I have also tried my hand at sparring which is certainly an adrenalin rush and something I would have never of imagined 2 years ago. Not only am I feeling healthier, I fell I have gained a greater level of confidence which has carried through to both my personal and work life. I credit this to the personal attention, constant encouragement and support given by Charlie and the team throughout each session (Even though I do claim a discount at times when it comes to Burpees or Push up’s - 10% Off ;) ) I look forward to continuing my personal journey and self-discovery with Rise.

Both Cam and Charlie are always very encouraging and both have extremely vast knowledge of their respective art form. To anyone that is wishing to step outside of their comfort zone and are wanting to give something new ago, along with meeting a great new group of supportive and friendly people I would highly recommend Rise MMA in a heartbeat.

– Scott Fitzgerald

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