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Rise MMA was born out of the desire to help people find a path to a better life through martial arts.

Rise MMA specialises in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai Boxing with the belief that these arts with their challenging nature, provide the perfect environment for developing many positive personal traits such as fortitude, endurance, goal setting, resilience, humility and focus.

Rise MMA is proud of it’s supportive culture where you are welcome to train and pursue your own goals while growing at your own pace. Whether it is for recreation, competition, fitness or for self defence we will help you reach your goals.

Rise MMA’s Phoenix logo represents the concept of rebirth, the pursuit of growth, evolution and recreating yourself for the better.

Our Coaches

cam rowe

Cam Rowe

Head Coach/Owner


Cam’s martial arts journey started in Geelong in 1994 when he began training with his life long coach and Australian BJJ pioneer, John Will.

Training directly under John for 6 years, a work promotion saw Cam move to Melbourne where he quickly found his next BJJ home in Richmond at one of the few satellite schools around at that time. With the growth of BJJ in Australia beginning to expand, Cam was asked by John to take over coaching of the Richmond club to free up coaches to establish clubs elsewhere. Not realising where it would lead, he accepted the challenge and responsibility.

Cam went on to be one of three founders of one the biggest and most established BJJ schools in Australia, Dominance MMA. In 2014 Cam established Rise MMA in Altona where it’s grown from 20 BJJ students to now also encompassing Muay Thai, Kids classes, women’s only classes and our own full-time modern training facility.

Along with being a 3rd Degree Black Belt in BJJ, Cam’s training has included gaining a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shootfighting (an early street orientated version of MMA), a Green Belt in Judo (under 4 x Olympian and UFC veteran Daniel Kelly), and many years training in Freestyle Wrestling (under Olympian Talgat Ilyasov), MMA and Muay Thai which has included training in Brazil, and the United States.

His MMA fight record stands at 2 - 0 with his second fight representing Australia in the US. Cam also qualified to represent the Oceania region in the 2011 ADCC World Championships (the most prestigious No Gi submission wrestling tournament in the world) held in Nottingham, UK.

Other titles include many state and national Pan Pacific BJJ titles and placings, winning Gold in the Black Belt Masters 3 division of the AFBJJ Victorian State Championships in 2019.

With over 18 years of coaching experience, Cam has had many of his students go on to win State, National, Pan Pacific and world championships, having previously assisted as grappling coach to UFC fighter Brian Ebersole in preparation for many of his UFC fights and his break out win over former UFC champion, Carlos Newton. Cam also helped prepare and coach retired UFC veteran Dan Kelly while he established himself in the local MMA scene.

paul martin

Paul Martin

Muay Thai Coach Head Coach


Paul began his Muay Thai journey back in 1996 as a 17 year old training at Phraya Pichai Muay Thai & Cwmbran Thai boxing in Wales.

After training for over 5 years Paul wanted to challenge himself and put his skills to the test by stepping into the ring with his first fight in 2001. Having his first taste of the ring he continued to fight in UK Muay Thai scene for the next 7 years in doing so picking up the Welsh light welterweight title in 2007 and runner up for the Welsh welterweight title in 2008.

2008 saw Paul move to Australia and quickly found homes at Valhalla Muay Thai, Iron Fist and finally with Karma Muay Thai. In 2012 with his wealth of knowledge and he was tasked with the responsibility of bringing up Karma’s young and upcoming fighters in preparation with helping them to step into the ring.

The itch to fight once more hit in 2013 were he quickly found success winning the 2014 QLD light welterweight title followed on by a run at the 2014 Australian light welterweight title where he came runner up. Coming back stronger the following year he was able to secure the 2015 QLD light welterweight title before and defence saw him the 2015 Australian lightweight title runner up.

Paul has an extensive resume with 20 amateur fights and 17 pro fight for a record of 12 wins, 4 loses and 1 draw.

With Paul’s wealth of knowledge and experience coaching Muay Thai, he is able to cater to all levels, whether it be for fitness, self defence or for those wishing to step into the ring.

sefo sefokuli

Sefo Sefokuli

Assistant BJJ Coach


Sefo began his BJJ journey with Rise MMA in 2014 before taking a break in 2015 to focus on his VCE studies.

Upon successfully completing VCE, his hunger for BJJ quickly had him back on the mat in early 2016 where he picked up where he left off.

With his love of BJJ saw Sefo want to compete, where in his first competition he took home the Silver medal, it was a sign of bigger achievements to come. In early 2017 head Coach Cam Rowe recognised that with Sefo’s passion for BJJ and possessing the right personality, he had the makings of becoming an exceptional BJJ coach. Currently he is an assistant coach teaching the Kids classes and Adult BJJ Intro class.

Grading to Blue Belt in December 2017, Sefo went on to win Gold and Silver in many of the smaller local competitions such as Grappling Industries and the Dominance Round Robins.

It wasn’t long before Sefo made his presence known at in the bigger state and national competitions by dominating his weight division winning double Gold (Gi & No Gi) at the IBJJF Sydney Open , double Gold (Gi & No Gi) at the AFBJJ NSW State Championships, Gold at the AFBJJ Victorian State Championships, double Gold (Gi & No Gi) at the AFBJJ Australia Cup, Silver at IBJJF Pan Pacific Championships and double Gold (Gi & No Gi) at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Continental Pro.

Having dominated the National scene, Sefo now sets his sights on testing his skills on the world stage representing Rise MMA, Will/Machado BJJ and the Australian BJJ scene at next IBJJF World Championships in Long Beach, California.

sarah jane rangi

Sarah-Jane Rang

Muay Thai Coach


Sarah is a proud mum of 2 and started training Muay Thai after trying to get her kids to do classes. Unfortunately it wasn’t for them, thankfully it was for her.

Sarah loved Muay Thai the moment she started and knew that she would make something of it. In Sarah’s younger years she had desires to start Muay Thai with hopes of one day fighting in the ring, unfortunately she never got that opportunity. Never forgetting that goal she got her first chance to fight at the end of 2016, and she took it.

Sarah enjoyed the experience so much that she went on to have another 9 fights with a record of 5W 4L.

Having found her passion for fitness, Sarah has also gone on to complete her fitness certificate so she could continue to help others achieve their goals.

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